Camilita invited me here to this Bootcamp and it was really amazing. Just this half of the morning I’ve had so much value, so much information. Some of the things I was already doing and some of the things I am going to implement and improve and I believe my next 90 days are going to be an escalation of growth.
Moses Joel Nalocca

(United Kingdom)

There’s only one word for it ‘WOW’. I’ve invested a lot in my own personal development and business development and I must say that this event is really the icing on the cake. Anyone who wants to make it in business, be a very successful entrepreneur and build a wealthy business must attend this event, I highly recommend it. So thank you Camilita and your team for this wonderful event.
Pascale Gibon

(United Kingdom)

This is exactly what I needed today! This event came at the right time as I launch my new business. Every business owner needs to attend the Bootcamp then take Massive Action after the event. I now have the tools I need to expand my brand and business internationally.
Veronica Hislop

(Toronto, Canada)


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