Camilita here!

Founder of Event of Champions® and Global Champions Online Summit. Are you at a place in life where you’re wondering ‘where is my life going’?

Am I making the right decisions for financial and time freedom and living a life of purpose?

Trust me, I know how you feel because I have been there.

Fearing my OWN success so much that when opportunities came about I just retreated in myself with overwhelm!

Whether you want to admit it or not, money is the byproduct of your mindset and you giving value.

Purpose on the other hand is something that can be achieved by making a difference in someone else’s life as you create the life you deserve. You can watch any amount of videos and read any amount of books, but unless you are ready to take action, nothing happens… you agree? 

So let’s get cracking on teaching you how to build the life and business of your dreams.










I went from the Public Dump in Trinidad to Building 2 Global Businesses, became a Property Investor and have done Millions in Sales around the World!


If you have ever achieved anything BIG, you know that it requires a clearly defined strategy that is attainable within a period of time. It takes complete focus, dedication to what you’re doing, a strong team, a Customer Plan v Business Plan, a Solid Sales System, focus only on Income Generating Work, Getting to Level 5! quickly, managing expectations and YES getting a Clear Plan of Execution.

I want to offer that same knowledge to you. I made a commitment when starting up in business to learn all I could and more importantly to Fast Track my Success. It wasn’t easy….simple but not easy, but looking back….so worth it!

I developed my OWN 12 principles to Fast Track Your Success from:


Doing in excess of $20M in group sales

Creating Multiple Streams of Residual Income

Becoming a property investor

Launching 2 global businesses

Writing 2 eBooks 

If I did it, you can surely do it too!



Join CEOs, Start Ups as well as Seasoned Entrepreneurs from around the world who will learn how to increase their income, become financially and professionally empowered and have more productivity throughout the year! 

At this Global Champions Online Summit, you’re going to discover how all 16 of our Champion Speakers have started from the ground up and transformed their OWN lives and the lives of many others around the world. Listen in as they share real world knowledge with an opportunity for Q&A relevant to your success.





Camilita – ‘Rock Star’ Speaker, Coach, Founder of Event of Champions®, Investor & Author

JV CRUM III – Founder of The Conscious Millionaire, Podcaster, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

Nicole Jansen – Strategic Advisor, Human Behavior Specialist, Speaker, Podcast Host

Laura Williams – Int’l Speaker, Entrepreneur, HR Lawyer and Consultant, Thought Leader

Natasa Denman – The Ultimate 48-Hour Author, Entrepreneur, International Speaker & Coach

Nyasha Gwatidzo – Global Serial and Social Entrepreneur, Author, Investor, Philanthropist

Daniel Kennedy – CEO of Oasis of Hope Hospital, Psyco Oncology Counselor, Businessman

Tonia Morris – Culture Disrupter, Transition Coach, Global Speaker, Podcaster, Author

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

2 DAYS, 16 SPEAKERS, 100% ONLINE as you learn…..


How to Make More Money, Change More Lives, Leave a Legacy

How to Create Multiple Streams of Residual Income and Live Like a Champion!

How to Set up an 8-Figure Social Enterprise and become a Serial Entrepreneur

Your Book – Your Business Card on Steroids in just 48 Hours

How to Impact the World through Effective Strategy Value

Your Business, Your Health, Your Life, Your Sanity – Can you have it all?

How to Build a Successful Business After Leaving Your Job




According to a recent study by Bloomberg: Americans, Europeans, and people around the world who are over 40 are all concerned about their retirement.



I used to be like you. Worried about retirement, concerned if I would have enough to live on.

I worked all hours possible, without any residual income, struggling to pay my bills and living below my capability.

I made a choice to create multiple streams of residual income, build businesses and help others do the same.

After making $20 Million in sales, investing in property worth millions and running 2 global businesses, I know first hand what it takes to truly live your champion life NOW.

My guest speakers have all done the same and we want to show you on this summit how to do the same.


#1: Make Money, Change More Lives, Leave a Legacy

You will discover how to build a purpose-driven business that creates high-profits by making a positive impact. Turn your purpose into millions and then more millions.

#2: How to Create Multiple Streams of Residual Income

Whatever business or industry you’re in, if you truly want to be financially free you must have Multiple Streams of Residual Income. What’s important though is the structure, work ethic, collaborations and online strategy needed to not only build but sustain that business and we will show you how to do that!

#3: How to Set up an 8-Figure Social Enterprise
If you’ve ever wanted to make a difference but also be a profitable enterprise then you need to listen to this. Social Impact is now a multi-billion dollar business. Here you will learn how to not only set up but become a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses.

#4: How to Impact the World through Effective Strategy Value

Transforming your business as a force for good is never easy but it’s rewarding. If you have a big vision of impacting the world and want to launch or establish a mission brand, then you can’t miss this.

#5: Your Business, Your Health, Your Life, Your Sanity
In today’s exceedingly competitive and ever-changing business climate, entrepreneurs who are laser focused on business goals, may blind one to the reality that a person’s body, mind and spirit are the most important assets and resources one has. They are also the most at risk. Can you have it all?
#6: Your Book – Your Business Card on Steroids in 48 Hours!

Learn why writing a book is the fastest way to build your brand, business and boost your profits, how to start thinking about a book and the fact that it’s not about book sales in today’s world and have a discussion around the variety of ways and author/business owner can leverage their book and intellectual property.

#7: How to Build a Successful Business After Leaving Your Job

Get ready to learn how to leave your high profile job and build a successful global business. Whether you are C-Suite, top level managers or CEO’s you need a system in place to build a business that pays.

#9 – #16 COMING SOON!



The host, as well as all the speakers of the Global Champions Summit are all successful entrepreneurs and support businesses like yours across the world.

You will have 2 DAYS of information perfect for beginners as well as seasoned entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to live their champion lives NOW.

All our speakers have started from the ground up, so they will give you real world knowledge of what you can do to WIN!

Why Global Champions Summit is so POWERFUL


100% FREE: No credit card payment required, just register and you are LIVE!

100% VIRTUAL: We don’t have hard-costs, travel or hotels – we can pass on these savings to YOU!

Join Easy: From anywhere in the world and from any device…simple!

Excuse-Free: We remove ALL your excuses because we want you to WIN today and everyday so you NOW have no choice, but to take action. I am your NEW accountability partner!

Eliminate Risk: Sometimes, we all just need an opportunity to try first. THIS IS FREE!! Free feels great so you can experience the online business world and feel safe!


I’m inviting you to learn from Industry Experts, Global Successful Entrepreneurs, Radio Show Hosts, Hall of Fame Speakers, Property Investors and more who are focused on building wealth in their respective fields and changing lives around the world.

Go ahead…take action!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know enough about business or entrepreneurship but I would love to learn. Is this Summit for me? 

YES!!! Our experts have all been where you are right now, today they travel the world changing lives. The amazing thing is, you don’t have to even leave your house or office to make money, let alone build a brand.

If you need to get going, all our speakers are giving away a FREE Gift to help you take action and stay on track.

It’s time for you to learn how to Fast Track Your Success and Live Your Champion Life NOW with the skills to do so. Simple.

Yes, I want to register NOW!




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