What an amazing event at the Event of Champions, so privileged to have spent time talking to high net worth of people. The speakers for the weekend that was amazing to connect with Sharon Lechter, Camilita Nuttall and so many other amazing speakers. Thank you for being so humble and connecting me with other people that will help my business.
Harvey Singh

(Property Investor)

Having had the honour of being a guest speaker at Camilita and Andrew’s Event of Champions it is with pleasure that I recommend this event as one that will help any entrepreneur to both grow themselves and to grow their business. At these events you’ll find a combination of presenters who will educate, entertain, and inspire, as well as a spirit of camaraderie among the attendees that creates an experience — an environment — where all can benefit!
Bob Burg

(Co-author of the Go-Giver)

This was an amazing event, I’ve attended many conferences and meetings and Camilita’s Event of Champions is truly that, I’ve made international connections, friends, business, had a wonderful time. I would recommend it whether you are starting a business, a successful entrepreneur or just looking to expand your network and frame of influence.
Rhone McCall


I’m here at the Event of Champions and what an amazing event and an amazing opportunity to be in a room full of champions. You have to ask yourself, are you in the right room? Are you in with the right people? I can tell you that if you have not been to this event, you’re not with the right people. Don’t miss the next event Event of Champions.
Dr Isaura Gonzales


Here’s why you need to be at the Event of Champions, if you’re just starting out or you have an established business, this is the place to be. Not only do you get great tips for building your business but you build a contact list with a series of entrepreneurs from all over the world that can help you grow. So be here, be here next time.
Megan Carnahan


I’m here at the Event of Champions, It’s been an awesome weekend, having had some great speakers, a lot of coaching and a lot of really interesting people to promote your business to.
Petri Varis

(Olympic Bronze Medalist - Finland)

Have known Camilita as my client while I managed Hilton Hotel.
She and her husband were very loyal customers as well as friend. They both would provide valuable feedback and were much appreciated due to their persona and engagement with our team.
Over the years she has developed lot of clients and is contributing as a mentor to many businesses . Recently she had tremendous media coverage for work in the country.
I know she will continue to develop more professionals.
Shaharyar Ali Khan

(Former General Manager Hilton Worldwide Hotels & Resorts - USA)

Camilita Nuttall has the magical ability to connect with anyone, and see what precisely they need to power up their business. Her energy and charisma are contagious. It’s no surprise that people around the world gravitate towards this amazing woman for her knowledge, wisdom and insight. She remains inspiring, and influential, to scores of individuals who count on her for her guidance. For anyone looking to light a spark for their dreams, to rev up their ambition, or to accomplish what they might have though was out of reach, Camilita can help make the impossible possible. After seeing her empowering live presentations, I gained the confidence to know that I could attain my goals and so much more. She made things easy to understand, as well as fun to watch. I’m so grateful for having met Camilita. She has definitely helped me boost and supercharge my career.
Dave Gordon


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