I am at the Event of Champions Mastermind and it’s phenomenal, I am really connecting with some wonderful people, creating great synergy and feeling energised, motivated and getting some ideas that are going to help me to take my business to the next level. So if you’re not here, tough on you!
Veronica Hislop

(Toronto, Canada)

I’m here at the Event of Champions Mastermind day and what an awesome experience. It’s so important to be able to get multiple minds together because we understand in this world that we don’t know everything and it’s so important to get the ideas and views of other people. The Event of Champions Mastermind day is absolutely critical, it’s coming to your town or city very soon so you want to make sure to be there.
Shane Ram


I’m currently at the Event of Champions Mastermind with Camilita, so far it’s amazing… It’s a lot deeper than I expected and a lot more fulfilling. I have a lot of respect for Camilita and what she is doing, she’s real, she’s genuine about helping others and I love that about her and I look forward to learning more.
Menacole O'Sullivan


I just spent most of today in the most amazing room with Sharon Lechter, Camilita and Andrew, having a mastermind session like I’ve never had before. You need to experience the same thing as I did, we just unravelled a layer that has never been unravelled before. It’s incredible, you don’t want to miss this.
Joanna Blackmore

(Toronto Canada)

I’m at the Mastermind with Sharon Lechter and Camilita, it’s my second time and today I even learned more, got inspired, more ideas in my head and it was amazing.
Ewa Koszycka

(Toronto, Canda)

I came to this mastermind today and was totally blown away by the advice, the counselling that I got in this room with people like Camilita and Andrew and most of all Sharon Lechter. It was a great privilege and honour to be here today to actually meet her in the flesh, to be able to be counselled by her and to be able to speak to her in person one to one on what I wanted to know about. I just feel so privileged that Andrew & Camilita brought Sharon Lechter to this mastermind to help us all in moving to the next level in our business. Thank you so much Andrew and Camilita.
Joan Hing King

(Toronto, Canda)


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