From the moment you sign up, know this is a decision that will propel your success forward. It’s a seed planted that blooms throughout your experience with the Event of Champions® – where every piece of knowledge imparted along the journey is relevant to your rise in status. We want you to become a part of our inner circle of success. Here, every interaction holds meaning and offers a chance for the forward momentum of your goals with actionable takeaways at every turn.

Welcome to the dream team of entrepreneurial expertise. It’s in our name: Event of Champions®. And it is just that, a gathering of the top minds and success stories in the industry. This is the best of the best. As our guest, you will be enfolded into this rare opportunity to gain exclusive insight into the secrets behind the success – without being sold to throughout the event. You will leave with armed with information to go out and Live like a Champion!

The Event of Champions offers high-energy, mega-impact, real-world knowledge delivered in a way that amps up the content being delivered. It is empowering. Inspiring. Immersive. Thrilling to be among the brightest minds in the world. Intimate. And throughout, the Event of Champions is up close and personal, where you’ll have the opportunity to speak one-on-one and learn from those who have accomplished their dreams, leaving you with the knowledge that can be immediately implemented for success.



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