What is Champions Mastermind for High Achievers?

2 POWERFUL DAYS filled business focused rounds and practical steps that YOU can do daily to Launch, Execute Your Business Plans and have the Global Brand Recognition for Your Business. We want to show you what it takes to build and grow not just one, but multiple businesses successfully at the same time.

The Launch, Execution and Global Brand Recognition of Your Business

During Champions Mastermind you will learn how to build a global profitable brand, launch or relaunch your business correctly, become THE expert in your chosen field, increase your PR, increase your sales, form profitable joint ventures and collaborations, plus get advice on how to create winning high-end relationships with high net-worth individuals.



Set clear strategies to increase your productivity and generate more business. Our aim is that you form collaborative opportunities to grow your businesses, increase profits and create a support mechanism for each other after the event. Accountability is key in maintaining and achieving your goals.

Employ strategies from Camilita Nuttall’s article in Forbes on how to “Increase Your PR using Events, Social Media and Keynote Speaking” to grow your brand or business locally or internationally. This can be done over a 60 or 90 day period for maximum benefit.

Maximize your business’ potential using Camilita’s foundational principle, “If It’s Not Making Money, It’s Not Making Sense”, Period! Learn how to spot a good or bad deal from a mile, how the agreement must benefit all parties and agreement and how to create multiple streams of residual income.

I came to this mastermind today and was totally blown away by the advice, the counselling that I got in this room with people like Camilita and Andrew and most of all Sharon Lechter. It was a great privilege and honour to be here today to actually meet her in the flesh, to be able to be counselled by her and to be able to speak to her in person one to one on what I wanted to know about. I just feel so privileged that Andrew & Camilita brought Sharon Lechter to this mastermind to help us all in moving to the next level in our business. Thank you so much Andrew and Camilita.

Joan Hing King (Toronto, Canada)

I’m here at the Event of Champions Mastermind day and what an awesome experience. It’s so important to be able to get multiple minds together because we understand in this world that we don’t know everything and it’s so important to get the ideas and views of other people. The Event of Champions Mastermind day is absolutely critical, it’s coming to your town or city very soon so you want to make sure to be there.

Shane Ram (Trinidad)

I am at the Event of Champions Mastermind and it’s phenomenal, I am really connecting with some wonderful people, creating great synergy and really connecting and feeling energised, motivated and getting some ideas that are going to help me to take my business to the next level. So if you’re not here, tough on you!

Veronica Hislop (Toronto, Canada)

Join CEOs and entrepreneurs from around the world at the Mastermind Weekend for High Achievers. Are YOU ready to make this your defining year? Throughout this life-changing event we’ll help men and women from all corners of the globe increase their income, become financially and professionally empowered and have more productivity!


  • How Do You Use Events, Key Note Speaking and Social Media to Make More Money
  • How to Launch or Relaunch Your Business or Brand
  • How to Execute Your Plan with a Proven System Sales Formula that works!
  • Learn How to build fast, connect with the right people
  • Focus on what Makes Money or on Income Generating Work
  • Q & A with Andrew Nuttall on Finances, Budgets for Business Growth
  • Build Good Business Relationships and Form JVs through Collaboration easily
  • Earn What You Are Worth
  • Create a GLOBAL BRAND
  • Other ways to give value and get paid in your current business
  • Increase your sales, leadership qualities, social media presence and give you a clear plan for success in both your personal and professional life.

Coaches, trainers, corporate sales consultants, entrepreneurs, business owners, professional network marketers, executives and those wanting to double or triple their productivity or income this year would all benefit from a Champions Mastermind weekend.


Only 10 high achievers will be invited to attend. Will you be one of them?


We look forward to welcoming you to our Champions Mastermind.



Have questions about the event? Get in touch with our team and we will be happy to guide you through your best option. Simply email: or click here.


Keynote Speakers

Camilita Nuttall

Camilita Nuttall

The World’s #1 ‘Rock Star’ International Speaker, Camilita is Founder of Event of Champions®, a 7-Time ‘Award Winning’ Corporate Sales & Business Growth Expert, Executive Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Author & Property Investor.

Camilita is mentioned in FORBES, Think & Grow Rich for Women, Celebrate Magazine, BBC Business News, Canada’s B2B News Network & Pursuit Men’s Magazine and seen on SKY TV. Dr. J B Hill, Napoleon Hill’s grandson quoted Camilita in front of 20,000 people.

Camilita was a top sales expert for 7 years in Europe where she engineered a major sales force of thousands in 30+ countries with sales in excess of $20 Million. Camilita lived in Spain, Germany, Trinidad, Netherlands & the UK and has travelled to over 50 countries.

As founder of Event of Champions®, Camilita also brings together the best in the industry in the UK, Canada, Australasia, USA & Caribbean to deliver valuable and quality content that promotes success, so those who attend leave armed with the tools to immediately increase their wealth, gain prestigious recognition and grow their newfound network of the best entrepreneurial minds in the world.

Andrew Nuttall

Andrew Nuttall

Andrew Nuttall is the Co-founder of Event of Champions, Nuttall Property Investments and COO of Camilita Nuttall Global. For over 25 years, Andrew ran a very successful business in sales and distribution and property investment in the UK. Andrew has over 25 years in Corporate Sales where he led a collective team of thousands in 2 companies and 30+ countries. To date Andrew has travelled to over 40 countries and is also co-founder of Nuttall Foundation, a non-profit organisation that helps to bring food and education to many of the world’s underprivileged children.

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