Sonaya Williams

Sonaya Williams

The creator of & the founder of The CEO Partner®, a systems driven, profits-obsessed, Digital Project Management agency that helps smart CEOs grow their business and meet their goals.

Sonaya started her service based business in November of 2011 while still working full-time in Corporate America as a Senior Financial Systems Analyst. Since then, she has  built a six-figure consulting agency and learned a ton of good and bad lessons along the way.

She founded the OWE network as a way to solve the problems she knew so many Service Based Business owners faced. Her message is clear – When women create systems + gather support, they build incredible, successful businesses AND happy Lives – for themselves selves and the people they  love.

Sonaya & her team live to help CEOs create an operational master plan for themselves and their teams, teaching efficient and effective systems and tools during the process.

Originally from New Jersey, Sonaya now lives  in Copenhagen, Denmark where she runs her international business. She is grateful to be living her dream with her husband and young daughters by her side and has ambitious plans for the future.

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