Event of Champions® has been featured and mentioned in many publications and media outlets including Forbes, Sky, B2B News Network & TV6 Trinidad. You can read all the articles and watch all the video interviews below.

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Here’s a path to PR many entrepreneurs have yet to discover: create and run an event. Even better, create a series of ongoing events that attendees remember and will continually attend.

International Women’s Day: Be Bold for Change – Canada.
How to overcome business challenges and doing business as a female entrepreneur.

Why Camilita Nuttall set up Event of Champions across the world to teach entrepreneurs how to build, grow and sustain a global brand.

Camilita Nuttall, CEO & Founder of Event of Champions®, tells her story – from working on the Beetham dump in Trinidad as a child to being featured in the Forbes Magazine and talks about bringing Event of Champions® to Trinidad.

CCN TV6 Trinidad & Tobago

Camilita Nuttall, Founder & CEO of Event of Champions shares her story and talks about hosting the Event of Champions® Bootcamp in Trinidad, her home country.

Creating Business Champions.
Camilita Nuttall, Founder and CEO of Event of Champions®, shares her story with the Trinidad Guardian as she prepares to bring the Event of Champions® Bootcamp to Trinidad.

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