Your exclusive opportunity for success, where dynamic content, by design, has been curated to elevate your business to the next level.

Our Champion Speakers share real-world knowledge on how they started from the ground up and transformed lives around the world.

Interviews with global experts as we uncover unparalleled knowledge and success principles and get you global exposure to elevate your brand.

Join the Elites and discover your true potential. Get exclusive insider knowledge and grow your network with the best in business.



Founded by Andrew & Camilita Nuttall, the Event of Champions is an inspiring series of networking and mentoring events that deliver actionable plans for success for those with an entrepreneurial spirit by connecting them to those who can help them achieve their business goals and reach their full potential.

A commitment to excellence. The embodiment of entrepreneurial success.

The heart of a champion.




From the moment you sign up, know this is a decision that will propel your success forward. Where every piece of knowledge imparted along the journey is relevant to your rise in status. Every interaction holds meaning and offers a chance for the forward momentum of your goals with actionable takeaways at every turn.


Join CEOs, Start Ups as well as Seasoned Entrepreneurs from around the world as you learn how to increase your income, become financially and professionally empowered and have more productivity throughout the year!

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Here’s What Some of Our Attendees are Saying about Global Champions Summit…..

“It’s been an awesome weekend!”

I’m here at the Event of Champions, It’s been an awesome weekend, having had some great speakers, a lot of coaching and a lot of really interesting people to promote your business to.

– Petri Varis (Olympic Bronze Medalist)  [Finland]

“Superstar experience at The Investors Paradise”

I had the good fortune of being invited to The Investors Paradise retreat. The past 5 days have been amazing. I’ve been able to meet with people from all over the world. The level of attention to detail that Andrew, Camilita and Sammie took to give us this superstar experience here at Abacca Villa has been amazing. The quality of relationships that we have managed to build and form through the activities we’ve had the past 5 days has sealed the friendships that we’ve made, potential collaborations and business venture makings. Thank you and you need to be there at the next Investors Paradise retreat.

– Candy Moy [Malaysia]

“Great tips for building your business”

Here’s why you need to be at the Event of Champions, if you’re just starting out or you have an established business, this is the place to be. Not only do you get great tips for building your business but you build a contact list with a series of entrepreneurs from all over the world that can help you grow. So be here, be here next time.

– Megan Carnahan [Texas]

“Collaborating and growing a global brand”

​I’m really excited to be here tonight for this Event of Champions dinner that Camilita Nuttall invited me to… there’s a lot of conversations going on, we’re all here to really just meet and mingle with investors and people who want to collaborate and grow a global brand so thank you Camilita for the invite and thank you for giving us all access to each other and trying to help each other grow a business.

– Tilde Guajardo [USA]

“Grow your business exponentially”

Thank you Camilta! Your energy is contagious. Best to everyone who was online to implement all the brilliant speaker’s advice and grow their businesses exponentially in 2020.

– Janice Tomich, Communication Specialist  [Vancouver Canada]

“I’ve made international connections”

This was an amazing event, I’ve attended many conferences and meetings and Camilita’s Event of Champions is truly that, I’ve made international connections, friends, business, had a wonderful time. I would recommend it whether you are starting a business, a successful entrepreneur or just really looking to expand your network and frame of influence.

– Rhone McCall  [Texas, USA]

“Amazing opportunity to be in a room full of Champions”

I’m here at the Event of Champions and what an amazing event and an amazing opportunity to be in a room full of champions. You have to ask yourself, are you in the right room? Are you in with the right people? I can tell you that if you have not been to this event, you’re not with the right people. Don’t miss the next Event of Champions.

– Isaura Gonzalez  [New York, USA]

“Take my business to the next level”

​I am at the Event of Champions Mastermind and it’s phenomenal, I am really connecting with some wonderful people, creating great synergy and feeling energised, motivated and getting some ideas that are going to help me to take my business to the next level. So if you’re not here, tough on you!

– Veronica Hislop  [Toronto, Canada]


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