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Avoid “Rocking Chair Syndrome”​!

I love Mondays because I get fired up about what's about to happen in my businesses in the coming week. More importantly, I am excited to do the work to avoid 'Rocking Chair Syndrome'! So what is 'Rocking Chair Syndrome' anyway? Rocking Chair Syndrome...

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Why Reassess or Reevaluate Your Goals?

  This year I took some much-needed time off to rest, reassess, reevaluate my goals and make some important decisions about where my business is going and where I am going. To some people, it did not seem that I had taken time off because I have an incredible...

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How to Make your Networking Work

  Networking has changed over the last couple of years, more so because of the introduction of social media. Some people don't like going out networking as they used to, and some millennials even find the notion of meeting potential business contacts outside of...

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Perfecting Your Next 90 Day Goals

I built my businesses on 90 Day intervals and have done so over the last 15 years. It’s a long enough period to make things happen but also a short enough period to not feel overwhelmed and tired. The last 90 days we did A LOT! I wrote 3 EBooks, launched 2 Websites,...

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