Camilita here! Founder of Event of Champions® and Global Champions Summit. I am delighted to host another Summit to support you in Creating Your Champion Life! Do you feel stuck, at a crossroads in your career, your dream side hustle is NOT happening, and you don’t know HOW to get it off the ground?

We are in unprecedented times that’s for sure, however, companies are innovating and business is still building across the world. Over this 1 day summit, you will learn from very successful entrepreneurs and business leaders on what it takes to Build, Sustain and Develop a Global, Profitable Brand / Business! >> Subscribe NOW to our YouTube Channel for Support!

Join CEOs, start-ups, and seasoned​ Seasoned Entrepreneurs from around the world as you learn how to increase your income, become financially and professionally empowered, and have more productivity throughout 2022!

At this Global Champions Summit, you’re going to discover how all of our Champion Speakers have started from the ground up and transformed their OWN lives and the lives of many others around the world. Listen in as they share real-world knowledge with an opportunity for Q&A relevant to your success.

So let’s get cracking on teaching you how to build the life and business of your dreams…


Camilita Nuttall (UK)

‘Rock Star’ International Speaker, Business Coach, Founder of Event of Champions®, Investor & Author

Andrew Nuttall (UK)

Co-founder of Event of Champions®, Property Investor, Sales & Business Trainer and COO of Camilita Global

Sean Swarner

Sean Swarner

Philanthropist, Author, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Founder of The Summit Challenge

Jeff Lopes

Entrepreneur, Host of a podcast Jeff Knows Inc, Business Coach, Author

Dr Maja Zelihic

Dean at the Forbes School of Business and Technology, Fulbright Specialist, Professor, Author

Josh Perry

International Speaker, Founder of The Perry Foundation, Podcast Host, Author, High-performance Coach, Optimisation Strategist

Jordan Mendoza

Founder & CEO of Blaze Your Own Trail Consulting, Business Coach, Content Creator

Ira Davis

Former Marine Corps Drill Instructor, Dream Development Coach, Skydiver, Founder of The DreamDiver Company, Podcast Host

Dawn Jarvis

Founder and CEO of Dawn Jarvis, Ltd., Diversity & Inclusion Strategist, International Speaker, Executive Coach, Author, Founder of The Diverse Nurse Network, Podcast Host




Camilita Nuttall

#1: Create Multiple Incomes & Your Exit Strategy!

Are you ready to Create Multiple Incomes & Your Exit Strategy in 2022? At this summit, Camilita will show you how she quadrupled her goals and sales in 2021 and how you can do it too in 2022. Multiple Incomes now are not an option, especially with the changes in today’s economy – you now have to learn how to Create Your OWN Economy! Get ready to have  HUGE success and be more profitable in 2022!

Andrew Nuttall

#2: Know Your Numbers

Here at Event of Champions, Andrew is in charge of all the numbers and everything money related. In this segment, Andrew will be sharing the importance of knowing your numbers in business. At the end of the day, in business “If It’s Not Making Money, It’s Not Making Sense”. We will be exploring the Do’s and Don’ts and how to create harmony, encourage profitability and maintain your sanity at the same time.

Dr Maja Zelihic

#3: Perception, Employee Motivation & Global Leadership

More than we give it a thought, our perception controls most of our lives. How we see things and the way we think about them greatly influences our decisions and behaviors. That is why perception is powerful. Dr Maja will be explaining what perception is all about not only to ourselves but to others and how we can become more self-aware, so it works for us and not against us. What is more, she will also talk about the importance of perception to become a better leader and employee, the ways social media is making it harder, and why data is both a blessing and a curse.


Jeff Lopes

#4: Living with No Regrets

Learn to live life with no regrets.  When it comes time to make decisions, ask yourself if on your deathbed if you would regret making or not making different choices. Look at your time and energy leaks in your day and literally start making different choices. Jeff will talk about where can you pay it forward and make service your top priority. When you lead with service, the money will always follow.

Sean Swarner

Sean Swarner

#5: Being Unstoppable: Conquering Your Everest


Ira Davis

#6: Take the Limits off Your Dreams

If you want to create a better life for yourself, then you have to let go of the limiting beliefs that keep you locked in complacency. Don’t settle for less if you know you can accomplish bigger and greater things in life. As a Dream Development Coach, Ira has dedicated his life to teaching and training aspiring and thriving world-changers to live a life of purpose and to dive for dreams that seem unreal and impossible. Ira will help you discover and pursue the greatest calling of your lives.

Jordan Mendoza

#7: How to Leverage LinkedIn to Grow Your Brand & Business

In a lot of ways, LinkedIn has become a cesspool of what not to do. In fact, many business owners are moving away from it. The truth is, there’s a ton of business to be created on LinkedIn if you know what you’re doing. Actually, when you learn what 90% of people don’t and start doing it, you can explode your business on LinkedIn. That’s why we’re joined by LinkedIn Growth Expert, Jordan Mendoza who will teach you exactly what you need to know to have an unfair advantage on LinkedIn.

Josh Perry

#8: Leveraging Fear & Auditing Our Lives to Optimize

Multiple brain tumor survivor and former professional athlete, Josh Perry has devoted his life to sharing his belief that we are all capable of changing aspects of ourselves and our lives, despite any circumstance we find ourselves in, to live the most ideal life we envision. Josh will teach how to see fear from an empowered angle and leverage fear to your advantage by seeing what learnings and experiences are on the other side or pushing past fear.

Global Champions Club


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There’s no better time than the present to take action to succeed. It’s time to take control and build the life and business of your dreams…- Camilita Nuttall


Every year millions of people set goals however, 92% of them never hit their goals and only 8% do, yes just 8%. If you want to be in that 8% and WIN IN BUSINESS IN 2022, then then you need the correct tools and a clear system to do so!

With a clear system and the right tools, I have Created Multiple Streams of Residual Income, build 3 businesses, and coached tonnes of others to do exactly the same.

After doing $20 Million in sales, investing & having $Millions net worth in property, and running 2 global businesses, I know first-hand what it takes to live your champion life NOW.

All our speakers have all done the same and we want to show you on this summit how to set your goals, take action, execute with precision and Live Like a Champion!

Doing business in times of consistent volatility

You’re living in an era of unprecedented challenges as well as opportunities. To be able to respond to the relentlessly volatile landscape businesses currently face, agility is the order of the day; that is, the ability to react quickly and positively in response to change.

Let’s face it. The last couple of years have been like no other – the effects of climate change, the escalating impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the looming debt crisis. Change has been the mantra, and the ability to embrace it has been a differentiator in success.

New technologies, AI, the Metaverse, BIG Data, evolving customer demands, and social shifts are rapidly changing the business landscape. It’s time to stop fearing the change and learn how to use it to your advantage. Throughout the Summit, you’ll discover tools and strategies from our speakers to take control and stay ahead of the game.








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Global Champions Club


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It’s FREE! Yes, we have a limited number of FREE tickets available for the Summit. You can gain a wealth of priceless business knowledge from our expert speakers and all you have to do it click the register button!

The host, as well as all the speakers of the Global Champions Summit, are all successful entrepreneurs and support businesses like yours across the world.

You will have 1 DAY of information perfect for beginners as well as seasoned entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to live their champion lives NOW.

All our speakers have started from the ground up, so they will give you real-world knowledge of what you can do to WIN!


Why Global Champions Summit is so POWERFUL


100% FREE: You don’t have to spend thousands on your ticket, we want to share this incredible knowledge with you for FREE!

100% VIRTUAL: You don’t have any hard-costs – no travel or hotels!

Join Easy: From anywhere in the world and from any device…simple!

Excuse-Free: We remove ALL your excuses because we want you to WIN today and everyday so you NOW have no choice, but to take action. I am your NEW accountability partner!


I’m inviting you to learn from Industry Experts, Global Successful Entrepreneurs, Radio Show Hosts, Hall of Fame Speakers, Property Investors and more who are focused on building wealth in their respective fields and changing lives around the world.


Go ahead…take action!

Here’s What Some of Our Attendees are Saying about Global Champions Summit…..

“We had a blast!”

Wow! We had a blast today, tomorrow is going to be awesome!

– Dr. Stan Harris, AKA Dr. Breakthrough  [USA]

“Empowered and motivated”

Thoroughly enjoying this… I feel challenged, empowered and motivated! You have touched very imperative parts of my brand that will drive me. Camilita you have found in your list of Champions Reaaaallll Diamonds… You found persons who are pulling me out in every which way..I am soooo inspired!!!!!

– Lisa Cashe  [Trinidad & Tobago]


Thank you to all the speakers for all of your wonderful knowledge and encouragement… You were phenomenal!

– Toria Goodwin  [USA]

“Grow your business exponentially”

Thank you Camilta! Your energy is contagious. Best to everyone who was online to implement all the brilliant speaker’s advice and grow their businesses exponentially in 2020.

– Janice Tomich, Communication Specialist  [Vancouver Canada]

“So inspiring”

So down to earth and practical with amazing advice. I am impressed and found every speaker I heard very genuine.

– Natasha Ghitt  [United Kingdom]

“I am on fire”

So profound, I am so moved.  The Summit has been mind blowing and inspiring! So many take always… All were absolute diamonds, I am on fire 🔥

– Denise Cárdenas  [United Kingdom]

“Awesome speakers… thank you a MILLION!”

Camilita thank you a MILLION!!! I cannot begin to tell you how much you have impacted my life for the last 2 days. Thank you so much for organising all these awesome speakers and doing this for free. I wish I could hug you right now!

– Lesley Ann Samuel [Trinidad & Tobago]

“Mind blown!”

Mind blown! …Thank you Camilita for an awesome two days – this has changed everything – onwards and upwards!

– Emma Cooksley-Lewis  [United Kingdom]

“Business wisdom!”

Awesome two days! …Two days of business wisdom!

– Chris Salem  [USA]

“Another amazing Summit”

Thank you Camilita, Andrew and team! Another amazing summit! So much more than just a business event…but an event for actual living! And the reminders to be deliberate in how we plan, execute, that we must adapt to our terrain… simply fantastic!

– Stacy de Gale  [Trinidad & Tobago]

Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t know enough about business or entrepreneurship but I would love to learn. Is this Summit for me? 

YES!!! Our experts have all been where you are right now, today they travel the world-changing lives. The amazing thing is, you don’t have to even leave your house or office to make money, let alone build a brand.

We want you to make 2022 YOUR defining year, it’s time for you to learn how to Create Multiple Incomes and Live Your Champion Life NOW with the skills to do so. Simple.

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