Dr. Stan Harris [AKA Dr. Breakthrough]

Dr. Stan Harris [AKA Dr. Breakthrough]

Dr. Stan Harris aka Dr. Breakthrough has traveled over 3 million miles speaking to crowds as large as 17,000 while earning as much as $47,000 for speaking one hour! He uses his 10th-degree black belt skills to demonstrate how anyone can break through the barriers that try to hinder their success.

He has a Doctorate in Ministry, a Ph.D. in martial arts & has been voted into both the Black belt & Motivational Speakers Hall of fame and has dedicated his life to educate, empower and elevate people to break through their barriers by breaking through to the highest version of themselves.

He has been to the top of 8 Home-based Businesses, even building one to 1.5 million members worldwide in 6 1/2 years! He has shared the stage with Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Bill, Bailey, Les Brown, Willie Jolley etc. He is perhaps the most entertaining, enlightening and electrifying speaker on the circuit today. He believes you may be just one step from a massive Breakthrough! He and his wife Nadia whom he calls his ABCD (Adorable Brown Caramel Delight) aspire to inspire Breakthrough’s even after they have expired.

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