Hello this is Shane Ram and Candace Ram and we’ve just finished an absolutely amazing week at The Investors Paradise here in Bali. I’ve been to many professional development programs and this is absolutely different because of the ability to share. And it really was about sharing with one another’s experiences and that really for me is the differentiator for the Event of Champions and The Investors Paradise. We just were immersed in a beautiful environment, in paradise and we were able to communicate and share business ideas and the idea of being in immersion around already successful people or people who have the success that you want to have is so critical. I believe it’s one of the fastest ways to success and this is what we had here at The Investors Paradise. Just want to say thank you to Camilita and her team, it has been a great eye opener and see you next time.
Shane & Candace Ram


Hi, I’m Fiona May, a Strategic Investment and Business Development Mentor and Coach from Australia. I just wanted to give a testimonial for The Investors Paradise Retreat that we’ve spent 5 days on in Bali. Camilita and Andrew did a great job bringing together an inspiring group of people from around the world, Sharon and Michael Lechter – Sharon was the Co-Author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series and sold 30 million books worldwide. It was absolutely wonderful to share the retreat with those guys and also the rest of the delegates that came in from around the world. The entrepreneurs had a skillset and really beautiful entrepreneurs with great souls and I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with them, learning, sharing my skills and also learning a few new things. So, absolutely recommend it, beautiful way to spend the week. The location and the catering and everything was top notch. Absolutely valued and appreciate the opportunity of actually being able to come, take a bit of time out of my life and my business just to regroup, spend some time on myself, having a look and seeing what the next part of my journey is. So thank you and I look forward to meeting everybody again in the future.
Fiona May


Hi, my name is Candy and I’m from Malaysia. I had the good fortune of being invited to The Investors Paradise retreat. The past 5 days has been amazing. I’ve been able to meet with people from all over the world. The lever of attention to detail that Andrew and Camilita and Sammie took to give us this superstar experience here at Abacca Villa has been amazing. Being able to have that proximity with Sharon and Michael Lechter took the entire experience to the next level. The quality of relationships that we have managed to build and form through the activities we’ve had the past 5 days has sealed the friendships that we’ve made, potential collaborations and business venture makings. Thank you and you need to be there at the next Investors Paradise retreat.
Candy Moy


Hello, my name is David Woo, I’m from Malaysia…. I enjoyed the trip here in Bali, the retreat with Camilita, Andrew and the whole team. It’s eye opening, it’s an adventure, it’s learning with Sharon, with Michael and I really encourage people looking at this to stop hesitating and just come over to this type of retreat.
David Woo



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