When it comes to the image we conjure up when we talk about an entrepreneur, few of us would consider the title to belong to a young adult. Teenagers often don’t have access to the resources they would need to build their business, so their ideas often go unnoticed.

? But what we often fail to consider is that children are a lot smarter than we often give them credit for. They can have amazing, world-changing ideas, that they are unable to act upon entirely based on their age.

Therefore, it is important for those driven younger generations to be educated in the ways of business so that once they are given access to the wide world, they are given the best possible start in bringing their dream to life. After all, with how the world of work is shifting in how it functions, it is these children who may revolutionize how business functions in the future ?

? That’s why at Event of Champions® we have launched the ‘Entrepreneurship for Teens’ program where your loved ones will be coached by our experienced coaches and trainers and given useful tools and information to launch their BIG ideas, get support, access funding and find possible business partners/funders, from any device and from anywhere in the world.


Virtual assistants and other freelancing occupations are becoming more and more popular. Not long ago we were thrust into a global pandemic that forced most companies to either adapt or bankrupt, many of them embracing ‘working from home’ as a norm, which has generally seen a productivity boost. The world is ever-changing, that’s why you should seek every advantage you can, to adapt to whatever comes your way.

?‍?‍? Children are far more adjusted to learning new skills than adults are, Kid’s brains are like sponges, they can soak in a wealth of knowledge in a shorter timeframe than some adults. Children are almost universally underestimated, despite having incredible opportunities within reach.

The YouTube scene, for example, can be an incredible moneymaker. Those that succeed can ease into a very successful lifestyle. Some that have played games, then added their own spin over them, those that used comedy to get their feet in the door, those that started as relatable teenagers, who are now showing off designer outfits and expensive cars to their subscribers.

The YouTube gaming pool is now incredibly diluted, thousands of channels are out there with no traction, as the viewers have no reason to watch them over those well-established creators. The ones at the top of the YouTube gaming circuit, are the ones who got their foot in the door early when they saw an opportunity to invent a new brand establishing itself on YouTube.

The man at the top, PewDiePie, has been making content for over a decade and has amassed over 111 million subscribers, earning the title as the most popular single creator on the site, and has become very wealthy as a result. Once businesses saw the market for gaming go up, they were quick to jump in with partnerships and sponsorship deals. All this began from playing games online as a teenager.

? ? While YouTube has established itself by now, children keep their ear to the ground, often in the know about the next big thing. TikTok has seen an explosive growth in popularity, with children again who carve out a niece catapulted into the spotlight, earning millions from the exposure they can offer. And this is just the most recent boom in the trends, the next one could spring up at any time. Hence why education in entrepreneurship is worth the work, you’ll be able to spot the next opportunity to make it big, before the masses do.

As parents, here are a few ways in which you can help your children be more entrepreneurial:

1. Teach them about money.


The majority of young children have no idea what money is or how it functions. So make it easier for them to comprehend by connecting it to real world. Tell them that you work to pay for your house, buy groceries, pay for bills, and purchase enjoyable items like toys.

2. Support their interests, talents, and skills.


Encourage your children to be imaginative and creative. Encourage them to write if they like doing so. Allow them to use your tools if they enjoy creating things. Sports will help kids learn teamwork. Business opportunities may frequently be found through interests and passions.

3. Show kids how to be responsible.


Simple solutions for this include assigning your child weekly tasks, for instance making sure the dog’s water and food bowls are always filled, watching after their younger siblings, or having them do their schoolwork before playing video games. Responsibility will teach them that they are responsible for their own achievement and they can earn their reward.

4. Teach them the basics of business.


Running a business can be difficult, so you should make it as easy and fun as possible for your kids. You could try a form of play where together you come up with business ideas, then a name, logo, etc. This exercise will force your child to explain their business concept, determine their target market, name their competition, demonstrate how they will advertise their business, figure out how much they will charge for their product or service, and much more.

But Entrepreneurship is not only beneficial to working in the limelight, but knowledge of entrepreneurial work will also assist anyone whether they decide to launch their own product or work in an already established business. Intimate knowledge of how the world of work functions cannot be undervalued. Using the knowledge of those who worked in those situations can be a massive help in getting yourself noticed. This can help with establishing valuable connections, and aid in getting support for your product, or get you looked upon favourably for more senior positions at the company. Bosses are always looking out for innovators with an eye for business.


? ? If you are younger and have a big idea, that is something that should be nurtured not wasted! Asking for help is something we have trouble with in general as a species, but it’s never a bad thing. There are people out there who can give you the knowledge in funding, accessibility, connections, and advice on how to further your goals, and it would be foolish not to take advantage of that. Any dream worth believing in should be pursued, and it’s your job to fight hard to make it a reality!

That’s why we at Event of Champions® will now have Entrepreneurship for Teens! Every month you will be coached by our experienced coaches and trainers and given useful tools and information to launch your BIG ideas, get support, access funding and find possible business partners/funders.

✍️ On top of that, you will be given useful tools and information to gain insight into different business areas. Access to the training sessions will be on any device and from anywhere in the world as long as you have reliable internet access. Sessions will be recorded so if for any reason you can’t attend, you won’t miss out.

We will also be launching a Scholarship Program for Teens to teach Entrepreneurial Development, Mindset & Business Building Skills, and Useful Technology. This will ONLY be open to ELITE Club Members. Entrepreneurship for Teens is OPEN to Platinum Club Members who have paid in full.

? Join our Platinum Club NOW so your loved ones can become eligible for this program and get the essential support: https://eventofchampions.com/club/


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