From living on $6,000 a year at 23, struggling to start Law School to NOW a Self-Made Millionaire…..

What Tenacity Looks Like…

  • Imagine having to hustle on the public dump at 13 just to attend secondary school
  • Imagine having no shoes, books or money to attend school
  • Oh, and just imagine having to sleep on the floor, having no running water and no electricity
  • And most of all imagine having to beg for money to come to London to attend law school, being made homeless while still pushing and still believing.

As a Wealth & Business Coach I teach 6, 7, 8 & 9 figure entrepreneurs and companies how to build their Champion Life!



✳️ Mind Your Own Business

✳️ Never accept advice from anyone more messed up than you are

✳️ Realise that NO one is better than you

✳️ A living is made from 9 – 5, a fortune is made after 5! Get to WORK!!

✳️ Keep your eyes on the prize!!

✳️ Investing takes time so be patient


How many times do you see people who are not as experienced as you, not more intelligent than you, running big companies and building businesses and wonder why it’s not happening for you?

The reality is that 92% of people NEVER hit their Goals – far less reach their New Year Goals and ONLY 8% do? Yes, just 8%!

I know these statistics are shocking, to say the least, but IT DOESN’T have to be for you. All you need is a plan of action to stay on track, accomplish more in your business, and achieve massive success in 2022? YES ?

Today I run multiple businesses, I have had my journey written in Forbes, BBC Business News, BBC Radio, have been quoted in Think & Grow Rich for Women and mentioned in many other publications. I’ve travelled to 50+ countries and lived in Germany ?? Spain ?? Netherlands ?? & the UK ??

I built 2 Global Brands in under a year – Camilita & Event of Champions – built a property portfolio and I am now an Executive Coach to Entrepreneurs around the world.

Who says you can’t do it too!?

You don’t have to stay where you are, not making enough money, not sure about your retirement, not sure if you should launch that brand, product or service or just feeling left behind as you see others soar past you.


My husband says I am a MASTER PLANNER!!

In 2021 and during a global pandemic and economic downturn, we quadrupled our business turnover, invested in 15 more rental properties, hosted 3 Global Champions Summits, put on 10 Masterclasses, coached a ton of clients around the world to build their businesses, created 10 new products for the Camilita Shop, wrote 2 more eBooks, interviewed amazing guests on The Camilita Podcast and so much more.


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✅ Business Development

✅ Property Investing

✅ Business Legal / Set-Up

✅ Business Growth Strategies

✅ Sales, Branding & Marketing

and more…..


Stop looking at someone else’s success and wishing yours was here already!

Be patient….

  • Your Time
  • Your Season
  • Your Moment Will Come!


Start by joining our EXCLUSIVE CLUB HERE NOW!

To your success!



Next time you feel like quitting on your dreams, think about where I started!

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