I started one of my businesses with all the odds against me. Friends, colleagues, and even family did not believe, it seemed hopeless, but I held onto my gut feeling.

In January 2015 when I launched Event of Champions® everyone said it wouldn’t work. Here are the many reasons why they said so:

⚠️ You don’t launch a business in January people don’t have money and they won’t come out… Well they did!

⚠️ You can’t start another events company there is too much competition… I did, people came out and we expanded. We had big names asking us to speak on our stages.

⚠️ Your private dinner at The Ritz London is too pricey, people can’t afford that… Well they did and we had a full room.

⚠️ Your exclusive retreats are too expensive; people won’t pay that… They did and they all had a marvellous time in Barbados, the Caribbean & Bali.

⚠️ Your Online Summit won’t work; people like to network in person… Well we started before this pandemic, now they are scrambling to join us online.

⚠️ There is too much going on with different events, scale back… Well you know the answer to that!


In less than one year we were mentioned in Forbes, BBC Business News, Canada’s B2B News Network, etc.

How do you feel when even close friends and family don’t believe, and they reject you? Sometimes it can feel like you’re all alone with your BIG IDEA until things start to happen.

Let rejection be your fuel to show the world you can do it!

As an entrepreneur, you face rejection on a daily basis. Rejection often happens when people don’t understand your brand, product, or service. Other times rejection comes when jealously steps in.


Whatever the issue is, here are 3 ways to deal with rejection head-on:


1. Don’t take it personally. It’s hard to do this sometimes when it’s a brand, product or device that you’ve laboured for and you love.

2. Believe there is something better coming your way. There almost always is. At that moment you can’t see it but it is.

3. Ask yourself… Is there some truth in it? Is there something you can learn? You can learn something amazing, even if it’s from a negative situation.


>> Don’t let people’s words deter you from launching your BIG IDEA.

>> There is plenty of room at the Top!

If you’re thinking about launching a new business, do your due diligence, hire a coach, know your USP, focus on the customer, then EXECUTE!!

Whatever you’re facing right now…. don’t allow that rejection to hinder you, instead choose to go out and Live Like a Champion!

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