One of the hardest things to plan and execute is successfully launching a startup in a foreign country. For most people, bringing their BIG idea to the world is a significant milestone, especially when striving for international success. Do you currently have a dream business you know you could bring to life, but you don’t know where to start? If the answer is “yes” then this post is for you!

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Most people don’t have the courage to go ahead with it. Smaller businesses are more vulnerable to customer attrition, supply chain disruption, ambitious competitors, and the consequences of worldwide crises. In today’s post, we want to encourage you to consider working with a coach to successfully launch your Big Idea globally! ???

1. You will get an expert opinion


While you have your bright idea, how are you going to develop it? A coach can help you with the creation and revision of different business operation tasks. One of the hardest things for most of us is asking for help. We like to sit on our problems and puzzle through them until we find a solution that works. But is that the only solution? Is that the BEST solution? Sometimes perspective is crucial, and the right coach will provide a blueprint for your success.

Despite how a person markets themselves, no one has ever made a billion on their own. Every successful person has colleagues, associates, friends, and mentors that helped them nurture their growth. It might have been their idea, but they had all had help somewhere along the line.

? It’s not a weakness to ask for help, it’s a strength to be taken advantage of. If you have an idea, it’s guaranteed that someone will have some experience somewhere in that area.

2. You will have a structured plan to work towards.


? Nothing is more crucial to your company’s success than smart planning. When you expand to multiple international locations, though, the need of planning increases tremendously. At the very top of the pyramid should be the key values that determine how and why your company does what it does, both at home and abroad. Someone who has had the experience and work ethic will teach you how achieve your goals BIGGER & FASTER. Getting your plan aligned with your values into motion requires time, money, and hard work. So, anything you can do to avoid backtracking is going to be optimal.

3. You will get a solid support system.


?⚡️ Sometimes pushing onwards can seem daunting, but a good coach will be there behind you to provide you with the encouragement you need. For CEOs, founders, and executives, it gets lonely at the top. Without a mentor and accountability partner, many business leaders find themselves hitting the roof of what they can achieve. Running a business can often feel like a very solitary pursuit.

Friends and family can be an important support network, but a coach will be there to give you a push in the right direction if you begin to waver. Sometimes you can lose focus, it’s only natural to start to deviate from the optimal path. A good coach will be there to tell you off when you need it!

4. You will do more in a shorter amount of time


? The right business coach will fast track your success by not only teaching you what to do, but by learning what you should AVOID too! Unless you are business-oriented, it’s great to seek advice from someone who has a proven record in the industry with the sought-after international perspective. It is best to complete a thorough search for the right coaching service you need. If you’re only trying to improve your marketing, find an experienced marketing coach. If you need a complete overall of your business, find an experienced coaching team and network.

A lot of people who call themselves coaches can talk a lot but say nothing of value. You need to look at their background. Have they made a success out of themselves? Are they knowledgeable in the area of expertise you want? There are loads of coaches out there, what is important is that you find the one that’s right for you.

5. You will get the incredibly valuable knowledge


If there’s one thing I must stress about coaching, is that you have to get value out of it. You don’t want to let your grand idea fall apart in your hands just because one aspect of it fell out of place. You need someone who can step back from everything, look at all the pieces, and help guide you to where you should direct yourself to improve.

? Providing a service or product that no one else is offering will continue to be a key driver of customer acquisition and growth. And if you have international ambitions, a coach can help you tailor your offerings to distinct markets which will be a BIG competitive advantage.


?? Coaching will give you a powerful action plan to launch your business globally and a solid system to keep growing once it is launched. From research and planning to making initial trips to your target countries, support from an expert will prepare you for this exciting new facet of your company. Are you ready to launch your Big Idea?


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