The impacts of climate change are here now, and the loss and damage they cause can no longer be ignored. The leaders of the world, ministers, CEOs, activists and negotiators met up during COP27 to discuss possible solutions to the growing problems we are facing with the harmful effects of climate change ?


? This year, special attention was paid to the actions that seek to urgently limit greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change.


Given rising energy prices and uncertain supply situations, many companies are required to save energy. Businesses today are challenged by the ongoing international energy crisis, heightened by Russia’s war in Ukraine.


? To encourage knowledge sharing and exchanging of best practices, in this article you will find out what we are doing at Event of Champions® to tackle the global climate crisis, and energy crisis and get on board with sustainable work habits.


To curb the environmental damage best we can, we are:


  1. Working as the whole team remotely.
  2. Organising more events online than offline.
  3. Encouraging staff to make use of digital tools and deploying smart appliances.
  4. Taking public transport and trains to any meetings, often swapping it for a video conference if possible.
  5. Using laptops instead of desktops, as they consume less energy.
  6. Avoiding printing files that can be sent via email. Storing data in the cloud to reduce paper wastage.


Moreover, by promoting environmental awareness, as an employer, you can encourage a more conscious workforce that considers their actions. It will filter through all decision-making.


Homework time! ?


Don’t just look at reducing your organization’s current levels of environmental damage – you can do more to make sure that your organization is actively working hard to reduce its carbon footprint.


? Consider this…


  • Participate in environmental causes (such as tree-planting campaigns) while demonstrating your commitment to the environment in public
  • Conserve energy by monitoring usage
  • Ensure all your staff receive training. Staff need to understand why changes are being made and the impact they have on all levels of the organization. Environmental Awareness training helps your employees understand their required role.


We are fast approaching a situation we cannot return from. We cannot pretend that global climate is no longer an issue. Governments and corporations need to take a harder stance on our global emission crisis before our daily life is threatened.

However, it’s not only up to them to resolve this. Let us know how you manage your environmental performance and what measures ought to be taken to keep it green ?


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