The Event of Champions® brings together the BEST & BIGGEST names in Personal Development, Financial Education, Law, Marketing, Networking, Entrepreneurship and Sales to teach other entrepreneurs how to start, build, run and grow successful businesses and brands across the globe.



Camilita Nuttall (UK)

Founder & CEO of Event of Champions® and Camilita®, Keynote Speaker, Property Investor, Executive Business Coach & Radio Host

Andrew Nuttall (UK)

Co-founder of Event of Champions, Nuttall Property Investments and COO of Camilita Nuttall Global

Sharon Lechter (US)

Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, Business Strategist & Mentor, co-author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Series

Naveen Jain (US)

Billionaire Investor, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Moon Express & Viome

Bob Burg (US)

International Bestselling Coauthor of “The Go-Giver” and Keynote Speaker

Bill Walsh (US)

CEO & Founder of Venture Capital Firm Powerteam International

David Meerman Scott (US)

International Best Selling Author, Marketing Guru and Speaker

Forbes Riley (US)

Celebrity TV host, Author, Sales Expert, Health & Fitness Guru

Alec Stern (US)

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Startup Success Expert & Co-Founder of Constant Contact

Evan Carmichael (US)

Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer, Author & Speaker

Ken Joslin (US)

Entrepreneur, Real Estate Guru, Grant Cardone Licensee

Susan Sly (US)

Serial Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer & Podcast Host

Michael Lechter (US)

Attorney, Certified Licensing Pro, Author, Entrepreneur and Professor

Dr. Diane Hamilton (US)

Business Behavioral Expert, Creator of the Curiosity Code Index, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host & Media Personality

DeLores Pressley (US)

International Keynote Speaker, Published Author, Life Coach and has Appeared on OPRAH

Kevin Byrne (UK)

Entrepreneur, Investor and Founder of

Dr. Stan Harris (US)

[AKA. Dr. Breakthrough] Black Belt & Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame

Bernardo Moya (UK)

Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer of The Best You

Nyasha Gwatidzo (UK)

Social Enterprise Entrepreneur with £130Million in Business Revenue, Mentor, Author, Speaker, Multi Award Winner & Philanthropist

Alec Jones-Hall (UK)

Co-Founder of The Great British Expo – the UK’s largest provider of regional business expos

Natasa Denman (AU)

The Ultimate 48 Hour Author, Coach and Mentor

Mark Metry (US)

The host of Podcast Humans 2.0 (Top 100 in the world), Forbes & NASDAQ Featured, Marketing and Branding Expert & Speaker
Shane Ram

JV Crum III (US)

CEO & Founder of the Conscious Millionaire,  Mindset & Strategy Coach

Laura Williams (CA)

Founder and Principal at Williams HR Law and Williams HR Consulting Inc.

Robert Butwin (US)

Serial Entrepreneur & Network Marketing Professional
Shane Ram

Eleanor Beaton (CA)

Business and Leadership Coach For Women, Podcast Host & Inc. Columnist

Mirela Sula (UK)

Founder/CEO Global Woman Magazine, Award winning Global Speaker & Bestselling Author

Marg Hachey (CA)

Serial Entrepreneur and Managing Director of

Chris Salem (US)

Senior Sales Executive, CEO, Life & Business Strategist, World Class Speaker, Award Winning Author & Radio Show Host

Tracey Smolinski (UK)

Networking Host, Author, Speaker and Founder of Introbiz UK
Shane Ram

Darshana Ubl (UK)

International Keynote Speaker & Sustainability Advocate


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Here’s What Some of Our Speakers are Saying about Event of Champions…..

“Classy and powerful event”

Having had the honour of being a guest speaker at Camilita and Andrew’s Event of Champions it is with pleasure that I recommend this event as one that will help any entrepreneur to both grow themselves and to grow their business. At these events you’ll find a combination of presenters who will educate, entertain, and inspire, as well as a spirit of camaraderie among the attendees that creates an experience — an environment — where all can benefit!

– Bob Burg, Co-Author of the Go-Giver [USA]

“We had a blast!”

Wow! We had a blast today, tomorrow is going to be awesome!

– Dr. Stan Harris, AKA Dr. Breakthrough  [USA]

“I am on fire”

So profound, I am so moved.  The Summit has been mind-blowing and inspiring! So many take always… All were absolute diamonds, I am on fire 🔥

– Denise Cárdenas  [UK]

“Business wisdom!”

Awesome two days! …Two days of business wisdom!

– Chris Salem  [USA]

“Grow your business exponentially”

Thank you Camilta! Your energy is contagious. Best to everyone who was online to implement all the brilliant speaker’s advice and grow their businesses exponentially in 2020.

– Janice Tomich, Communication Specialist  [Vancouver Canada]

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