I love Mondays because I get fired up about what’s about to happen in my businesses in the coming week. More importantly, I am excited to do the work to avoid ‘Rocking Chair Syndrome’!


So what is ‘Rocking Chair Syndrome’ anyway? 

Rocking Chair Syndrome (RCS) is the place a lot of retired people end up, wondering what could have been if they just went for it.

Do you know someone who has become a statistic to RCS?


Here are 12 Things YOU Can do to Avoid Rocking Chair Syndrome:

  • Invest in Income Generating Assets NOW
  • Invest in Your OWN Personal Development Daily
  • Create Multiple Streams of Residual Income NOW
  • Hire a Coach who has done it before to teach you what you need to learn
  • Pay Yourself First EVERY MONTH
  • Take Calculated Risks
  • Be Prepared to Work After 5!
  • Don’t Work for Someone else…. PERIOD!
  • Hire Your Weaknesses
  • Start Your OWN Business
  • Change! Embrace Change and Don’t be afraid of the outcome.
  • Most Importantly, ask for God’s Help


I have spoken to so many men and woman and the most troubling thing facing those that are over 40, is retirement. What type of retirement will they have? Will they be able to support themselves? Will they live the same lifestyle as they do today.

If I ask you those same questions…..how will you answer me?

If you are not sure or are too scared to say, then you need to something about it. Go ahead and TAKE MY FREE ENTREPRENEUR Assessment and together, let’s get a solid plan in place so you don’t end up with ‘Rocking Chair Syndrome’!

Take my FREE Assessment now BEFORE it’s too late.


To your success!

Camilita Nuttall – Founder & CEO of Event of Champions

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